Bakepol – taste of good bread and exquisite confectionery

From 9th to 12th September Lublin hosted the sixth edition of the Baking and Confectionery Industry Fair Bakepol. This business event has always been focused strictly on professionals. Therefore, the organizers have again concentrated on providing specific clients, who would be looking to purchase machinery for their companies.

Matchmaking and knowledge-focused fair

Above all, Bakepol stands for an exhibition of machinery and devices for producing and presenting goods in bakeries, patisseries and ice-cream shops. The technological side of the fair gets additionally complemented with components and extras for the production of food. The stands were visited by clients looking to improve their bakeries and patisseries through investing in modern equipment and technology. The exhibition halls hosted a number of business meetings where the clients were provided with opportunities to get acquainted with technological solutions. Moreover, they had a chance to handle the details of equipment servicing on the spot. This year, Bakepol gave all bakers and pastry chefs an opportunity to get familiar with production processes whilst watching live demonstrations of the ovens and dosing stations.

Similarly, those bakers and pastry chefs who were interested in investing time into developing their knowledge visited the Bakery Forum – Healthy Bread and the Confectioner’s Zone. That was where Master Wiesław Kucia gave, as ever before, a thorough and accurate demonstration of the baking craftsmanship and baking skills. On the other hand, the Confectionery Zone saw Master Martini do wonders with chocolate engaging the public in the demonstration, whereas Marta Truskolawska-Plichcińska and Iga Sarzyńska, watched by the crowds of the visitors, made decorations demonstrating the best womanly grace, surgical care and artistic skills in the industry.

The Shops Zone organized in cooperation with Hert offered a chance for bakery and patisserie owners to get familiar with the secrets of good and effective exposition of goods in their stores. Then, at the exhibition, they could have a chat with the exhibitors who presented them with specific solutions – displays, fridges and dedicated lighting.

Bakepol’s business success goes down to the fact that it is a fully comprehensive offer, a source of knowledge and ideas that offer a potential to boost production and sales effectiveness.

Ukrainian bakers and more

Lublin’s favorable location fosters businesses with Ukraine and Russia. Months of work on the side of the organizer focused on attracting professional visitors from the east did prove successful indeed. Inside the exhibition halls, at the stands, it was easy to hear conversations in eastern, neighbor languages. Moreover, the organizer prepared a special stand for the Ukrainian Bakery Association, where owners of Ukrainian bakeries were present throughout all days of the fair. This way, all interested exhibitors were provided with easy access to clients who were available all the time throughout the fair. The fair was additionally visited by representatives from Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Belarus, Slovakia, Holland and Great Britain, and others.

Back to London with awards galore

Lublin was also visited by bakers who came here from as far as Great Britain not only to participate in the matchmaking meetings, but also to take part in the 2nd Championship in Forming a Pastry Single-Handedly. The results are as follows: on the first day the award, a planetary mixer sponsored by the Mankiewicz company, went to Dominik Katarzyński from The Polish Baker Limited Piekarnia Stary Młyn in London. On the second day, the competition was participated in by Dominik’s friend from the same bakery, Krzysztof Kaczmarczyk, who managed to form 9 pastries in 25.9sec. Krzysztof also won a planetary mixer sponsored by Hert. That way, two migrant bakers got back to London from a business trip to Bakepol with outstanding equipment that will definitely help them to produce delicious Polish bread for their London customers for a long time.


What’s yet to come?

Concentrating on the future of the industry, Bakepol became the venue of the journeyman examination. Many industries as well as the Polish educational system are facing the challenge of inspiring and encouraging the youth to turn to craftsman professions. The organizers of Polagra Tech and Bakepol have for years been making efforts to promote the professions of the baker and pastry chef, thus trying to meet the needs of many sector-specific associations and encouraging exhibitors to engage in cooperation. Thanks to the examination the Lublin area now has 30 additional craftsmen, who have the knowledge and skills and who, filled with passion, succeeded in passing the exam in front of the examiners and the whole sector.

The development of the fair addressed to bakers and pastry chefs will be determined by the changes lying ahead of the industry. Bakepol has always been addressed to professional, highly-selected clients who come to Lublin because they want to purchase machinery, devices and components that will change their business and result in higher income. Meanwhile, the Poznań International Fair wishes to invite you today for the Bakery and Confectionery Technologies Exhibition at Polagra Tech, the largest fair for baking and confectionery technologies which will be held from 30th September 2018 to 4th October 2018 in Poznań.